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Accelerate Your Growth with the Right People, Systems & Strategy

Strategic Planning | Talent Development & Retention | Manager Training | Diagnostic & Analytics

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Companies that Trust Us to Make People Their Secret Weapon

You can have the best processes, products and tech, but it’s your people who determine how far you’ll scale. While you focus on your business, we are identifying the right people and priorities, developing managers into leaders and building a culture that attracts and retains top performers.


Here’s How We Help Companies Succeed:

Vision | People | Systems

Culture & Talent Strategy

Define the mission, vision and values that guide your people.

  • Mission & Vision Workshop
  • Value Identification & Implementation
  • Org Chart Creation

Virtual and Onsite Groups

Talent Development & Optimization

Transform your leaders from good to great quickly with online learning or leadership coaching.

  • People Management Skills Implementation and Training
  • 12-month Manager Growth Incubator for New Hires and Key Players
  • Group and 1:1 Performance Coaching for Leadership Team and High-Potential Talent

Systems & Processes for Scaling

Identify the right roles, priorities and people to become a magnet for great talent.

  • Future Leader Identification
  • SOP Guidance
  • Retention Strategies
  • Team Chartering
  • Roles & Responsibilities Identification
  • Scorecards
  • Team Building Exercises for Trust and Effectiveness

People Effectiveness Analytics

Use data to form your people strategy with analysis of engagement, retention and performance.

  • People Analytics: Disc, Nova, Leadership Circle Profile
  • Culture Analytics: Employee Engagement, Inclusion, Performance and Experience Measurement
  • Leadership Team Analytics: Gaps, Strengths, Communication and Work Styles

Culture Crafters is perfect for:

  • Entrepreneurs and Founders in Growth Mode
  • Companies Hiring and Scaling Quickly
  • Recently Funded Startups
  • Teams Facing Retention Challenges
  • Brands Focused On Building a Great Culture
  • Leaders With Unclear SOPs and Strategies
  • Teams With Disjointed Onboarding/Training
  • Brands Unsure of Their Mission and Vision

4 Reasons We Can Help You Scale Your People, Impact and Revenue

Our Team

Talent Development Experts, Agile Consultants & Corporate Trainers.

Our Approach

Analytical, Objective Approach to Identify Challenges.

Our Experience

We Ensure You Have the Right People and Processes to Scale.

Our Results

We Increase Talent Attraction and Retention, Saving You Money.

Why Choose to Work With Us When There is an Abundance of Consultants?

Glad you asked! We accelerate your growth by ensuring you have the right people, culture and training.

Our team has been there and we've solved that for teams just like yours. We’re leadership and culture experts who are passionate about what we do. We don’t just recommend a strategy, we actually execute.

Transform Your Culture, Leadership and Revenue. Start With Your People.

As partners in talent development and optimization, we work directly with our clients to build data-driven understandings of where their best opportunities lie by spotting the culture and people gaps that are keeping them from maximizing their growth.

Want to Craft a Quick Fix?

Invest in People Leaders who build your culture. We train remote teams virtually in a truly flexible way.

Customized To Your People.

Shaped for Your Industry.

Crafted to Meet Your Goals.