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Anya Soto, PCC

Anya Soto, is the founder of Culture Crafters global training company. As a professional certified leadership coach, instructional designer and facilitator, Anya is committed to helping organizations craft people positive and human centric cultures. She designs and facilitates trainings around diversity and inclusion, emotional intelligence, leadership development, business agility and runs offsite leadership retreats for executive teams.

Anya’s mission is to help teams create psychologically safe and courageous culture. She believes in the importance of emotional intelligence as a key to survival when robots and AI take over manual jobs.

She has worked with corporations and educational institutions such as FedEx Canada, Staples, Royal Bank of Canada and Colas Canada.

Parul Bansal in a blue shirt with feather earring

Parul Bansal

As a strategist, journalist and poet, Parul uses storytelling and experience design to bring forward difficult conversations and unpack complex systems, from individual perception to social dynamics. Uncovering the emotions that sit deep behind ideologies and behaviour is perhaps Parul’s obsession.

Parul explores future narratives of identity and connection. She uses housing, art and technology as vehicles to seek renewed perceptions of difference. She believes unity is plurality. At the centrefold of her work, she questions how we can serve the human spirit better.

Parul has practical experience studying behavioural and emotional responses to language and processes. As a strategist, she works with organizations that are creating novel solutions and pushing the edges of our current models.

She holds a bachelor of science from McMaster University; post-graduate certification in negotiation from Harvard University, and a fellowship in journalism from the Munk School of Global Affairs and Policy, University of Toronto.

Parul is currently an artist-in-resident at Ferement’s year long residency, exploring the different outcomes of capitalism. Her artistic practices are poetry and creating multi-sensory experiences.

head shot of Angela Migliaccio

Angela Migliaccio, PCC

Angela Migliaccio is an Executive and Leadership Coach Certified Coach from the Co-Active Training Institute. With over 20 years of experience as a Corporate Leader, Manager, Mentor and Coach, Angela Migliaccio has acquired the experience of a global leader across 2 Continents. With the personal experience of a compassionate and caring leader but at the same time strategic and business oriented, Angela finds true satisfaction in elevating others to their full potentials, at work and in their personal life.

Angela’s journey as a corporate leader has been focused on finding the competencies and style that are most truthful to who Angela is as a person, her values, her principles. This natural leadership is found inside each one of us: it’s based on self-awareness as a leader and innovator. When we live and work from this place of integration, we make powerful choices, we make choices aligned with our truest purpose for the biggest impact. As a global leader and leadership development specialist at IBM Angela has led teams across all Continents and connected with people around the world from a place of direct and honest communication. Angela believes in leadership expressed by creating personal connections respecting other people’s ideas, perspectives, beliefs, culture and costumes.

Angela is committed to helping leaders and entrepreneurs live and lead at their best, in alignment with their values and principles. Angela is at her best when she is creating and facilitating experiential learning to develop individual leaders and teams for an impactful life for themselves and the people around them.

Angela has all the requisite education and experience you’d expect in a Learning and Leadership development specialist, including a University degree in Computer Science, years of mastering Leadership and Leadership development at IBM, Professional Certified Coach at the Co-Active Institute (CTI), and a Certification as a Personal Trainer, as alignment and balance start with the integration of the body.

Svetlana, a woman with red hair wearing a red necklace on a dark background

Svetlana Saitsky

Svetlana is an executive coach, artist, and mental wealth advocate. Throughout the last decade, she has coached hundreds of leaders across multiple industries. Her coaching approach is direct and intuitive, and combines her education in leadership development with Jungian Psychology, and neuroscience. Having graduated from Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland, Svetlana combines her 10+ years of work experience as a sales executive, creative recruiter, content strategist and head of storytelling with human centered design thinking. Her creative approach to coaching and leadership development makes her a sought out coach, speaker, and thought leader.
Muriel Alexander wearing glasses

Muriel Alexander

A seasoned Communications Consultant and Community Builder, Muriel has collaborated with agencies and brands to develop inclusive experiences for Nike, Jordan Brand, Forever 21 and others.

As a vocal advocate for equity and social change for marginalized communities, Muriel is committed to facilitating conversations that develop awareness and to sharing practical tools that support ongoing learning and development.

Lauren Brett smiling in black dress and dark faded background

Lauren Brett, PCC

Lauren Brett is certified as both a Co-Active® Coach and an Integral™ Coach, and is a member in good standing with the International Coach Federation (PCC level). She is certified to administer the Nova Profile Assessment, the Leadership Circle 360 Profile and trained in ORSC (Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching).

Lauren is a former high performance rhythmic gymnast, representing Canada as both an athlete and as national team coach for many years. After retiring from sport, Lauren moved into the arts sector where for 18 years, she managed operations at the Randolph College for the Performing Arts, Canada’s premier training institution for musical theatre performers. It was during this time that she discovered her love for leadership development and humanizing organizations through coaching. Coaching provides a sense of connection, belonging and significance in a world that can sometimes seem isolating or overwhelming.

She has a private leadership coaching practice, is a Team Member with Sport Law and since 2017 has been a leadership coach for the Canadian Olympic Committee Olympic Co-op program. Lauren supports leaders who want to have a bigger impact in their world by helping them lead from a place of humility, authenticity and heart. Lauren is dedicated to helping visionaries achieve breakthrough performance.

Favourite quote: “Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing or right doing there is a field. I’ll meet you there.” -Rumi

Stacey Rainey smiling

Stacy Rainey

Stacy has a long history of delivering large scale software development projects. If you’ve bought a house, shopped at a major retailer or used the Healthcare system, chances are good you’ve used a platform Stacy and her teams have developed. While delivering programs, Stacy started to think about how she could have a larger impact on those around her and began experimenting with creating ground conditions for change on teams.

In addition to her delivery skills, she is an experienced Systems and Agile Coach and holds a long list of Agile related certifications. She is a self-professed life-long learner and passionate about humanizing the workplace.

Vanessa McDonald in black sleeveless and in light marble background

Vanessa McDonald

Vanessa is a marketing professional turned thought-leader, author, and leadership coach. Her company, Courage Creator Inc. develops products like The Brave Journal, an accountability tool for leaders, coaches and entrepreneurs to measure personal growth.

Vanessa facilitates training with Culture Crafters around vulnerability, leadership development, creating clarity and building resilience.

Her mission is to create empowered individuals by guiding them to learn how to access their inner courage to speak their truth.

Before transitioning to full-time entrepreneurship, Vanessa led the marketing strategy for Union Station’s retail development, advertising, programming and events team in partnership with the City of Toronto. Prior to that position, Vanessa held various senior roles in communications and marketing in France, England and the United States in both agency and corporate environments where she specialized in managing international communications campaigns for tech and B2B companies.

Carol McLean smiling, wearing eyeglasses and wearing dark magenta dress with

Carol McLean, PCC

Carol McLean, CPCC, PCC is a truly gifted certified neuro-transformational coach (CNTC), facilitator, non-profit visionary and human potential activist. Armed with a background in finance, Carol first built and ran a successful accounting firm, whose mission was to take tedious and often complicated tasks and infuse clarity, simplicity, and most importantly joy into the daily financial needs.

In 2011, motivated by a certainty that all individuals are capable far beyond their circumstances and past, Carol pivoted and launched “Shift Happens” a registered Canadian charity, to bring coaching to vulnerable teens and individuals, struggling to find meaning in their life.

As a rebel and rule-breaker in the best of ways, Carol has always challenged broken, conventional models, calling for radical change in businesses and individuals when required. She sees not what is – but what can, and will, be. Carol dares to go where others might waver and does so with a playful, take-no prisoner approach.

Another arena she loves to dance in is sharing neuroscience tools with organizations and individuals that want to create stronger teams through neuroscience and brain integration. She uses simple easy to use tools and language that provide an immediate and lasting effect on our changeable brain.

Jardena London

Jardena’s diverse background, starting as a programmer, project manager and then launching multiple startups, has created a dynamic lens to view organizations. Her most recent successes have been with Verizon and RBC, transforming a large legacy organization into a modern workplace with breakout results. Jardena served as co-founder and CEO of Rosetta Technology Group since 1997. Check out her blog toon on workplaces that thrive at www.rosettatg.com/blogtoon.

Jardena’s mission is to help organizations become healthy, productive and fun. She is out in the field consulting to the Fortune 50 on Organizational Agility.

Getting Clear on Vision and Values is Critical to the Success of Your Business. These are Values and Specific Behaviors we Hold at Culture Crafters:


Do what you say you’ll do, even when no one is watching. Be clear and honest.


Help clients benefit from being part of the Culture Crafters community, creating collaboration and connections through a network of consultants and global clients.


Have the courage to say what you mean, the courage to be seen and continually speak your truth. Know you will be met with curiosity instead of judgment.


Operate with an ‘enough’ mentality instead of a scarcity mindset. Share opportunities and ideas, and trust there is more than enough for everyone.


Following our sense of play and fun, we seek out opportunities that feel good and aligned to allow for each one of us to operate within our zone of genius.

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