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Culture assessment

Let’s avoid assumptions & obtain the facts from your workforce. It’s critical to understand your performance and satisfaction across the company, benchmark your current state, identify where to focus, and take action on high-impact initiatives.

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This culture assessment allows for prioritizing strategic initiatives backed by data. We measure your insights against thousands of organizations of similar size and industry to recommend and execute improvements.

Our culture assessments will benchmark

  • Psychological safety and trust
  • Clarity of roles and responsibilities
  • Quality of communication
  • Leadership effectiveness
  • Value alignment
  • “Under the table” issues and conflicts
  • Job satisfaction
  • Talent development and retention

Employees who feel their performance review process is fair are 46% more engaged – while those who strongly believe their performance isn’t evaluated fairly are 2x more likely to leave.



This stage takes 1-3 months based on the number of employees, speed of scheduling, and amount of data analyzed.


Is calculated based on the number of employees and our level of engagement.

At the end of this project you can expect

Quantitative and qualitative data report that allows you to benchmark your current state and identify the most impactful initiatives.

12-month strategic plan to address areas of improvement to be shared with your workforce.

Gain deeper insights to adjust and optimize your human capital systems. Based on our recommendations, you can do it yourself or outsource to us!

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