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Diversity and Inclusion Training

Do you need help kicking off your DEI+ B initiative?

We specialize in working with leadership teams on their vision and educating all employees- including all people leaders, senior management and C-Suite in unconscious bias, and diversity and inclusion terminology to create a culture of belonging and true inclusion.

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Diversity & InclusionPerformance Management

Culture Crafters will help you create a journey map that you can follow over a period of time to move from superficial expressions of inclusion to sincere intent to effect meaningful change. These strategic initiatives will support talent acquisition and retention to create a culture of inclusion and belonging that drives employee engagement and results.

Skills We Train

  • Diversity 101 – meeting leaders where they are on their journey
  • DEI storytelling and personal brand
  • Stereotypes, code switching and cultural fit
  • How to create psychological safety on teams
  • How to address bias and microaggressions in the workplace
  • Coaching skills for inclusive teams and 1-on-1 meetings
  • Inclusive feedback skills to prevent favoritism and bias
  • Inclusive recruiting and hiring practices for leaders
  • Power, privilege and how to be a real ally
  • Exploration of group dynamics and roadblocks that prevent collaboration
  • Dominant identities inside your company and how to avoid the “-isms”
  • Inclusive relationship system management
  • Transformational DEI vs Transactional DEI for leadership teams

Choose The Format That Works For You


Engaging and interactive sessions where participants get to practice newly learned skills in small breakout rooms with real-time feedback and homework implementation assignments.

Each session is two hours: One hour of learning and an hour of practice. Limited to 30 employees.


We offer morning and afternoon sessions with live instructors onsite for increased engagement and skill implementation. Full day allows for two skills. Up to 30 employees per session.


Allows us to teach new skills, share templates and best practices on specific experiences. Up to 100 employees.


Includes a practice lab and on-demand access to our coaches and trainers through Slack channels.

Provides new promotes and leads access to a global community of managers. Subscription based. Cancel anytime or re-engage on demand.

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Download one of our Workbooks:

Diversity & InclusionPerformance Management

We make sure the right people are in the right roles and, if they’re not, WE grow their skills and capacities or recommend them to changing roles.

P.S. Not everyone is made to be a manager. We can help you identify true leadership potential and let go of people that might be damaging your culture!

Less than 10 leaders?

Consider signing them up for our Manager Development Incubator with other managers from all over the world. It’s a 12 month cohort learning environment with opportunity to practice and get feedback on a bi-weekly basis as they step into a management role.

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