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Measure results

At this last stage of our process, we reflect and communicate improvements made to your workforce to facilitate the continuation of your culture changes.

What we measure

Employee turnover, cost of recruitment, hiring, and onboarding. 

Employer brand, public reviews, morale, and job satisfaction. 

HR complaints, absences, sick days, and workplace investigations.

As HR business consultants, we know there is no one-size fits all approach to developing and optimizing company culture. This process requires professional, unbiased guidance, and execution.

We see culture change initiatives fail when

Your HR lacks resources, capacity, and knowledge to change systems and employee behavior.

Your performance management doesn't address behavioral expectations and leaders fail to discipline employees.

Lack of strategy and time results in limited progress and confirms the employee's belief that the culture will not change.

Having the right workplace culture is critical to improving organizational performance. Only a third of executives say their organizational culture fully aligns with their business strategy.



At this stage we utilize previously established metrics to measure progress.


Calculated based on the number of employees.

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