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Performance Coaching

At Culture Crafters, we believe that 1-on-1 coaching supports team members in achieving high performance that is important to the long-term success of the organization and individuals.

Meet Our Team

We are a team of business leaders, designers, cultural curators, strategists, writers and operators dedicated to helping our partners make a positive impact on the world around them.

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Lauren Brett smiling in black dress and dark faded background

Lauren Brett, PCC

Lauren Brett is certified as both a Co-Active® Coach and an Integral™ Coach, and is a member in good standing with the International Coach Federation (PCC level). She is certified to administer the Nova Profile Assessment, the Leadership Circle 360 Profile and trained in ORSC (Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching).

Lauren is a former high performance rhythmic gymnast, representing Canada as both an athlete and as national team coach for many years. After retiring from sport, Lauren moved into the arts sector where for 18 years, she managed operations at the Randolph College for the Performing Arts, Canada’s premier training institution for musical theatre performers. It was during this time that she discovered her love for leadership development and humanizing organizations through coaching. Coaching provides a sense of connection, belonging and significance in a world that can sometimes seem isolating or overwhelming.

She has a private leadership coaching practice, is a Team Member with Sport Law and since 2017 has been a leadership coach for the Canadian Olympic Committee Olympic Co-op program. Lauren supports leaders who want to have a bigger impact in their world by helping them lead from a place of humility, authenticity and heart. Lauren is dedicated to helping visionaries achieve breakthrough performance.

Favourite quote: “Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing or right doing there is a field. I’ll meet you there.” -Rumi

Svetlana, a woman with red hair wearing a red necklace on a dark background

Svetlana Saitsky

Svetlana is an executive coach, artist, and mental wealth advocate. Throughout the last decade, she has coached hundreds of leaders across multiple industries. Her coaching approach is direct and intuitive, and combines her education in leadership development with Jungian Psychology, and neuroscience. Having graduated from Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland, Svetlana combines her 10+ years of work experience as a sales executive, creative recruiter, content strategist and head of storytelling with human centered design thinking. Her creative approach to coaching and leadership development makes her a sought out coach, speaker, and thought leader.
Carol McLean smiling, wearing eyeglasses and wearing dark magenta dress with

Carol McLean

Carol McLean, CPCC, PCC is a truly gifted certified neuro-transformational coach (CNTC), facilitator, non-profit visionary and human potential activist. Armed with a background in finance, Carol first built and ran a successful accounting firm, whose mission was to take tedious and often complicated tasks and infuse clarity, simplicity, and most importantly joy into the daily financial needs.

In 2011, motivated by a certainty that all individuals are capable far beyond their circumstances and past, Carol pivoted and launched “Shift Happens” a registered Canadian charity, to bring coaching to vulnerable teens and individuals, struggling to find meaning in their life.

As a rebel and rule-breaker in the best of ways, Carol has always challenged broken, conventional models, calling for radical change in businesses and individuals when required. She sees not what is – but what can, and will, be. Carol dares to go where others might waver and does so with a playful, take-no prisoner approach.

Another arena she loves to dance in is sharing neuroscience tools with organizations and individuals that want to create stronger teams through neuroscience and brain integration. She uses simple easy to use tools and language that provide an immediate and lasting effect on our changeable brain.

Susy Martins

Susy Martins

Susy is an international Business Executive and Executive Coach, having worked and led teams in over 20 countries across North America, Europe, South America, and Asia. As an experienced Chief People Officer and Operations Executive, Susy has experience in both rapidly scaling and rightsizing organizations; coaching at all levels of leadership; and hands-on leadership experience across multiple functional areas (People, Finance, Audit, Operations, & Strategy).

From a business perspective, Susy has spearheaded multiple transformation and automation projects as well as global expansions of teams. She has also developed top-rated onboarding programs; HR operating models and strategies; and managed multi-million dollar budgets and 1,000s of employees for Tech Unicorns (Clearco & ApplyBoard), Global Industrial Businesses (General Electric, 3M), and Global Financial Services (Manulife/John Hancock & Allianz Partners).

In terms of credentials, Susy holds an MBA from the Ivey Business School at Western University. She has also attained several coaching designations, including the Harvard Coaching Strategies certificate and a NeuroCoaching ICC designation. Susy is recognized as a Women of Influence.

Susy speaks English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French. She is a proud champion of diversity and a passionate community builder.

Anya Soto

Anya Soto, is the founder of Culture Crafters global training company. As a professional certified leadership coach, instructional designer and facilitator, Anya is committed to helping organizations craft people positive and human centric cultures. She designs and facilitates trainings around diversity and inclusion, emotional intelligence, leadership development, business agility and runs offsite leadership retreats for executive teams.

Anya’s mission is to help teams create psychologically safe and courageous culture. She believes in the importance of emotional intelligence as a key to survival when robots and AI take over manual jobs.

She has worked with corporations and educational institutions such as FedEx Canada, Staples, Royal Bank of Canada and Colas Canada.

The core of our performance coaching is organized around four essential principles

  • The coach serves both the client and the organization.
  • The coach and client co-create a developmental path, identify specific goals and objectives to be achieved during their coaching engagement.
  • The coach focuses on the client’s strengths while uncovering blind spots and challenging assumptions.
  • The coach fosters the client’s self and organizational awareness focusing on the whole person while supporting organization goals.

Key Value Derived from Coaching

Dedicated time to proactively address leadership impact, key challenges, 360 relationship success, and strategic planning.

  • Objective 3rd party support by someone solely focused on the client’s success.
  • An accountability partner holding the coaches to the outcomes they seek and required actions to get there.
  • A mirror to help reflect the impact you have as a leader.
  • A safe space to work through leadership situations you encounter.
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We are trained in addressing & turning around toxic behaviors

  • May not understand that power dynamics exist in work relationships and the ways in which behavior/words can create an unsafe environment for people to disagree, speak up, or offer ideas.
  • May struggle to have hard conversations with members of the team and keep them accountable for behavior that might create a psychologically unsafe environment.
  • Appears to be biased towards some segments/groups of people
    At times, may have a hard time managing their emotions, which negatively affects people around them
  • May operate in the management paradigm where results matter more than how people are treated.
  • Has made changes from past negative behavior, but their reputation and negative perceptions are following them into the present, so they need help building relationships and building up psychological safety around them.

Our process

Preliminary assessments can be useful to the process. During an initial planning call we determine what will best support the client’s developmental path.

The assessment process may include any combination of the following: live 360 interviews with Key Stakeholders, an anonymous 360 feedback mechanism, and self-led behavioral assessments. The formal engagement begins with a 2-hour ‘Foundation Session” where together we assess perceptions, behaviors, and levers in service of maximizing the ongoing sessions including:

  • The client’s perception of their strengths, organizational impact, goals and aspirations for success, and focus areas for improved performance.
  • Formal and informal performance feedback the client has received in combination with data available from 360 processes, DISC, MBTI, and other relevant sources. The client’s core values and fulfillment levels in key components of work and life are explored to help direct the long-term coaching path.
  • Confirmation and the creation of a path toward realizing the identified goals and coaching outcomes.

Following the Foundation Session, the coach and client meet for a minimum of two 60-minute sessions per month, with the frequency dependent upon each client’s unique circumstances.

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We serve from the philosophy that everything comes down to two fundamental areas of which we have control: perspective and choice. We equip leaders to better connect with their control of outcomes. This enables more presence, courage, authenticity, accountability, and ultimately leaders who are better able to continuously evolve and adapt.

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Confidentiality is essential to building the trust needed for an effective working relationship between the client and the coach, which is the foundation of effective outcomes. The client will hold sole discretion regarding divulging any specific coaching content, Culture Crafters will provide periodic high-level check-ins as requested. These focus solely on the client’s commitment to the process (e.g. completes sessions, is engaged, etc.). Note that client confidentiality is limited only by the law, which requires the coach to release information in specified cases (e.g. illegal activity, pursuant to valid court order or subpoena; imminent or likely risk of danger to self or to others, etc.).

Culture Crafter’s coaches are certified and abide by the ethics outlined by the International Coaching Federation, found at