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Your culture is a collection of individual behaviors and it must be intentionally and strategically crafted.

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7 Ways Your Good Company Culture Can Prevent Workplace Investigations and Complaints

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Meet the Expert: Jenna Leyton-Jones On one of the episodes of "Bad Boss with Anya Soto,” we were joined by the insightful Jenna Leyton-Jones, an…

Three critical competencies for modern managers to attract and retain talent!

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Hey there, readers! 🌟 Grab your virtual coffee, because today, we're diving into the world of leadership with a dash of expert advice on critical…

Retention Challenges: Are your Managers leading talent through the door or out the door?

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Are your Managers leading talent through the door or out the door? If you are struggling with retention, it's time to make sure that your…
A group for newly promoted company managers lined up discussing the five ways their companies are failing them

Newly Promoted Managers: Five Ways Companies Are Failing Them

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Five ways companies are failing their newly promoted managers. A recent Fortune magazine study found a mere seven percent of Fortune 500 CEOs think their companies…

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