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Team Retreats

Virtual or Onsite.

Org Chart VIP DAY

No matter how big or small your company is, we will identify the main functions needed for your business to succeed, as well as identify who leads those functions. Outcomes: key functions, activities and KPI’s.

Team Chart VIP DAY

Do you have the right people in the right seats? Do they know what their roles, responsibilities and deliverables are? Outcomes: clear roles, scorecards, dependencies, risks, opportunities and accountability.

Team Agreements Team Building Day

This is where we start mapping your culture by design. What’s acceptable and what’s not? How do people want to be with each other? What explicit agreements do we need to put into place to prevent toxicity, interpersonal conflicts and potential loss of talent?

Strategic Planning Day

Do you need help re-aligning your team on objectives, deliverables and KPI’s? Our execution experts can help you identify priorities and break them down into specific and measurable deliverables where all agree and help keep each other accountable.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion 101

We offer a playful day (this can be a heavy topic) around microaggressions, privilege and unconscious bias that often drive most of our decisions and are damaging to our business. This training is designed to be fun and engaging with many opportunities to share tools and brainstorm on ideas to create a more diverse and inclusive environment, while increasing trust and psychological safety as a by-product.

Leadership Development

A perfect day to play games while learning about individual default behaviors and how they impact the team dynamic. This day is always fun and full of surprises and allows for the team to really jell and play, which promotes increased trust, innovation and creativity.

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