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Culture Crafters provided customized training to our DEI committee and we couldn't have wished for a better company to partner with. From the beginning, Culture Crafters took the time to understand our company and culture, with genuine care to move us along our inclusivity journey. The session was powerful and challenged us to explore our own unconscious bias. We left the session with a 12-month map with specific actions and accountability for our DEI committee to continue this important work. Our facilitator, Anya Soto was extremely passionate, knowledgeable and engaging. KOHO would highly recommend!

Kayla Van SchyndelManager of People and Culture at KOHO

I attended Three Core Coaching Skills at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic while trying to navigate how to best lead and support my team through a challenging time, and who were all newly working remotely. This session is short at only 2 hours long, and the concepts were explained clearly and concisely. The real strength of this program though is that it offers truly tangible takeaways that can quickly be implemented almost immediately after leaving the training. Unlike many training sessions, the majority of the session was spent practicing the skills and concepts addressed. Anya and Vanessa create a safe and kind space to experiment and practice, and support the time and vulnerability needed to truly learn, so translating these concepts into my day to day life was less daunting. I thoroughly recommend it!

SarahHR Consultant at Yukon Government

Culture Crafters have designed and delivered a series of webinars for our clients who are all leaders within organizations of all shapes, sizes, and industries. The team at Culture Crafters are very flexible and easy to work with and can offer expertise in many different people areas! They designed custom material for our unique audiences and their interests. The content delivered was solid; it was research backed and delivered in a memorable way that resonated with our participants. They generated lots of engagement from participants and were able to address specific questions and help our clients with the issues impacting them– Culture Crafters truly co-creates the experience they design with participants which makes the sessions extremely valuable and impactful.

Terri IwaskowDirector of Client Engagement at WorkTango

An amazing day with this talented group of colleagues exploring unconscious bias and having conversations that get to the heart of what it means to belong at work. A big shout out to our rock star facilitators Anya Romanova and Parul Bansal for their incredible work in this highly engaging experiential workshop. I am leaving the session enlightened, and more aware of my privilege / unconscious biases. #humanforward #lifelonglearning

Wesley ConnorVP Global Learning and Development at Randstad

I had the pleasure of participating in one of Anya’s Diversity & Inclusion workshop. It was very eye opening to learn about our biases individually and as a group and to learn how our biases were impacting our relationships. This workshop is great for intact teams or co-workers from different teams that work together because when you are aware of your biases it changes the relationships you have with each other. We make a lot of assumptions about each other which can prevent us from having effective, collaborative and caring relationships. Anya is a dynamic and engaging facilitator – she uses real stories, humour and emotions to help her participants engage and connect with the content. She is amazing at creating an experience for her audience where people feel comfortable being vulnerable.

Melanie AbrahamsS.I. Systems

Anya delivered her Recognizing Unconscious Bias workshop for our Diversity and Inclusion company committee with a tight turnaround of 3 weeks. She was very efficient in getting the team organized (sent a survey in advance) and ready for the workshop. The delivery was awesome, a lot of energy and connection with people. The content was on point for the group. It was received with praise and did a fantastic job raising the awareness of our biases. I highly recommend and trust Anya in her leadership.

Francine CharetteHR Director, Colas Canada

Anya is a gifted facilitator who creates open, inclusive environments where workshop participants can actively engage.She leads the workshops skillfully; unearthing the insights all participants can benefit from. I highly recommend her for any facilitation or leadership coaching role.

Dixie QuintanillaOmni Channel Digital

I co-developed and co-facilitated with Anya the first ever coaching program at York University. The course was an extreme success. Anya is a seasoned facilitator and coach who captured the minds and hearts of her audience. I can not wait for my next project with Anya, and I highly recommend her.

Abe SalamAccenture

Anya is a passionate community builder - she creates space for learning and experimentation at all her events. She has a great sense of timing, knowing when to slow down and take the group deeper into reflection and when the energy needs shifting.

Elena KhomenkoExecutive Coach

This was such a great experience! I feel more aware of my unconscious biases and got to spend some time with an amazing group of people.

Learning and Development Lead

This was such a great workshop! Thank you for allowing me to be a part of it!

Talent Acquisition leader

If you are looking for a skilled facilitator capable of keeping a group energized, on-track and feeling truly seen and heard, look no further than Anya Romanova. She creates an inclusive space where participants felt safe to share their perspectives and experiences while also keeping to the agenda and ensuring the group was meeting learning objectives. I would recommend her to facilitate any group that requires a leader capable of both being an empathic listener and a taskmaster who meets targets.

June MorrowOntario Public Services

It has been a great pleasure to work with Anya. She balances her dual roles of coach and consultant with agility and expertise. Whether you're looking to step up your leadership or increase your confidence, Anya has both the knowledge to move you forward and the grace to meet you where you're at. Her enthusiasm is infectious, and her mind is sharp and quick. She is committed to building connections and community.

Kari McLeodCultivator of Great Scrum Masters

Anya is a powerful front of room leader. I was lucky enough to co-lead beside her and create a 2 day experience for a group of participants longing to get deeper in touch with their authentic power. Anya was a pleasure to work and lead with - she is brave, intelligent, fearless, fun and brings extraordinary range to her audiences. Organizations would be lucky to have her stepping forward and taking charge in service of growth, connection and cultural change.

Gia StormsLeadership Consultant

I have been to many workshops that Anya has run over the years and cannot recommend her services enough. She is a passionate, driven and effective coach to help individuals and groups reach their full potential. Anya does not teach certain principles, she fully embodies them in her own life as well. She also brings her full authentic self to her sessions and encourages people to do the same. I would not be the person I am and where I am today if I had not met Anya.

Kat ClarkeCINB Foundation Canada
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