Business Agility Workshops

Our agile business model includes

Addressing the overall organizational agility needs, as well as individual growth gaps, allows for a quicker and more effective response to the ever-changing market. Each corporate training is 120 minutes for up to 100 employees at a time.

Our promise to you is that upon conclusion of these trainings, you will leave as a high performing leadership team with a capacity to be responsive instead of reactive.

Strategy Session

A facilitated strategy session is time to review, reflect, re-calibrate and adjust for the next 6 months. What has been working in your strategy and what hasn’t? What are we going to do in the next 6 months that will win the game?

We start with your outcomes but we coach in the moment, where misalignments are easily uncovered. We believe that if we don’t fix the culture the strategy won’t work. Where others might use the process to avoid talking about uncomfortable things, we are not afraid to delve into real issues.

Our Strategy Sessions enable participants to:

  • Align team on clear, shared outcomes
  • Top 5 priorities for the next 2 quarters
  • Learn practices for Outcome-Based management

The session sparks cultural changes in the organization by:

  • Silo-busting. Moving from conflicting priorities to shared outcomes
  • Laser-like focus. Establish good Prioritization Practices
  • Optimize Output. Understand how being “busy” is hurting your results

Team Chartering Workshop

Is your leadership team a “team” or “leaders representing their organizations”? Do you feel that the team is not working together for the good of the business?

If your leadership team isn’t jelling, we can help! The first step in building high-performing leadership teams is Leadership Team Chartering.

Leadership Team Chartering is a facilitated process where teams design an alliance to establish themselves as a high-performing team.

Chartering sets a “container” for the team to work within. Chartering helps teams agree on how they will work together and lays a foundation of trust. Good relationships set the team up for high performance by removing barriers between people.

Our skilled facilitators take the team through activities and exercises that build trust, set boundaries, align outcomes and define a decision-making framework.

Optimizing for Value

“It seems like everyone is always so busy but it’s not clear what our capacity is.”

“I want to add capacity but I’m not sure that doing that will improve our outcomes.”

“We are too busy to make improvements that would make us less busy.”

If any of these problems resonate with you, we can help!

Our Optimizing for Value Workshop will help you understand your capacity and target improvements that affect outcomes.

Why Optimize for Value? The way we organize our work has a profound effect on outcomes. Most organizations know their work is sub-
optimal, but the culture and embedded systems prevent them from fixing it.

This workshop will give you tools and practices to expose opportunities for improvements and help you learn leadership techniques to untangle them.

What is the Optimizing for Value Workshop like?

We use your actual delivery information in this workshop.

We flex to serve the needs of each team and would be happy to discuss your personal challenges and share our solutions.

Transformational Lead Workshop

Congratulations! You’ve gotten the job of “Transformational Lead”! Perhaps this is a new role or maybe a few have had it before you. As you step over the dead bodies of those that came before, you wonder what you need in order to be successful in this role. Transformational Leadership requires competencies not traditionally developed by organizations. This workshop sets the landscape for the role and provides participants with the mindset and practices necessary for success. Leading a transformation is not for the faint of heart. You need to be mentally prepared for this job. You need to be willing to get fired, and be willing to disagree with your boss. Our seasoned instructors with years in these roles have insights that can help you.

Some of the objectives that we will cover include:

  • Role Definition – What is a Transformational Leader?
  • What is the mindset of a successful Transformational Leader?
  • What competencies does a Transformational Leader need to build?
  • Generating Inspiration
  • Politics are part of the job. How can you be a straight shooter and still politically adept?
  • Creating safety
  • Being of Service – How to serve the organization’s agenda
  • Managing up. How can I do my job when my bosses are still in an old school frame of mind?

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