Virtual Diversity & Inclusion Training and Consulting

Virtual Diversity & Inclusion Literacy Training

120 minutes (up to 100 participants)

This training will allow all employees to have shared language and definitions and create a culture where brave conversations are less risky.

  • Key diversity, inclusion and equity terms and definitions. Aligning everyone to D&I work
  • Creating Trust and Psychological Safety
  • Intro to power, privilege, intersectionality, polarity thinking, systemic injustices and oppression, as well as racism and how they manifest in the workplace
  • Vulnerability and the role it plays in having crucial conversations with team members
  • Uncover (un)conscious biases and how they manifest in the workplace and the consequence of organizational silence

Virtual Diversity & Inclusion Action Training

120 minutes (up to 20 participants only)

To Equip D&I Committee with practical tools to apply diversity and inclusion lenses in everyday work for decisions made when it comes to hiring, promoting, selling and marketing. Help create a shared vision and mission for employees with a specific action plan to create a more inclusive and diverse culture.

  • Experiential exercises on microaggressions, white privilege, tokenism and white fragility
  • Experiential team exercise to mitigate (un)conscious biases or turn conscious biases into action for all employees
  • Framework to have crucial and courageous conversations around BLM Movement and tools to navigate conflict
  • Facilitated Group Activity to create a plan of action when it comes to racism, allyship, hiring procedures and commitment to true diversity in the working environment
  • Provide a Tool Kit of resources for listening, learning and self-reflection

How to Recognize and Combat Unconscious Bias Training

120 minutes (up to 20 participants only)

At Culture Crafters ™ we believe that everyone is a leader. Our two-hour virtual training helps you design an environment of collective accountability and advocacy, as opposed to waiting for the senior leadership team to create change and inclusion.

We all have a tendency to exclude, underestimate, and underutilize some people in the workforce as  we include, overestimate, and promote others- often beyond their level of competence. The problem is that biases are unconscious. This is not our intent- but it has an impact.

We believe that we create our culture together, so the work becomes how we develop employees that share personal ownership and responsibility at the individual engagement level.

Training outcomes:

  • Define unconscious bias: When, how, and why it happens
  • Identify participant’s personal unconscious biases
  • Explain the personal and organizational benefits of addressing and overcoming these biases
  • Team brainstorming session to identify the most damaging biases in your organization
  • Use tools to address, disrupt and reduce biases in the workplace
  • Identify actions each participant can take to start tackling identified biases and be accountable for doing so
Virtual Training

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