Emotional Intelligence Virtual Training

Stage 1: Self- Awareness and Self-Regulation

Businesses are led by human beings, which in turn are led by their thoughts, beliefs, triggers and emotional/ behavioral patterns. This powerful training will help you recognize your own emotions, as well as emotions of others, from self- awareness to self-management. 

Learn how to quickly recover from emotional hooks and triggers. Learn how to build trust with team members, develop empathy required, clear assumptions, resolve conflicts and an overall self-management plan.

This Stage 1 training will help your employees recognize their emotional state and how that state affects their decisions and behaviors. Help identify triggers- responses- antidotes and equip them with recovery tools to return to optimum performance.

Stage 2: Social Awareness and Relationship Management

In this stage two training, we will help you to recognize your own emotions as well as emotions of others:  From self-awareness to social awareness to relationship management.

This training will assist participants to overcome self-perceived limits to move into extraordinary performance and to be aware of their impact on others. We provide tools to create psychological safety to ensure teams feel secure to take interpersonal risks and quickly recover from emotional triggers. We teach how to sit through discomfort and have courageous conversations, as well as how to regulate your own reactions and manage behaviors of others while staying calm and effective.

Stage 3: Creating a Human-Centric and People-Positive Culture

What does it take to create a human-centric and People Positive Culture where employees feel included, are not afraid to take risks and come up with potentially wacky ideas?

In this half day training for senior leaders we will:

  • Train leaders how to create a culture of fail and learn fast, cultivating optimistic attitudes and a growth mindset
  • Framework to identify and convert negative bias into positive intentions
  • Processes to create a culture of feedback seeking individuals wanting to grow and improve their performance and careers
  • Concepts, tools and processes to change culture from individual competition to team collaboration

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