New Manager Virtual Training

Each training is 120 min and can have up to 100 employees at a time. You can add extra 60 min to practice the skills for smaller groups of up to 20 people and get our experts’ feedback!

New Manager Training Courses

More and more managers are being promoted based on their remarkable results, despite the lack of social and leadership skills. This training for new supervisors & managers will equip and prepare them to lead a high performing team.

  • Coaching Skills for Managers
  • Creating a Culture of Feedback
  • Effective Evaluations
  • Goal Setting for Managers
  • How to identify and address low performers
  • How to recognize, amplify and retain high performers
  • Navigating Conflict like a Pro
  • Regulating Emotions and Personal Crisis
  • Working through Failure
  • D&I training for Hiring, Promoting and Firing

Female Leadership Mastery Trainings: ‘Own Your Career’ For Female Leaders

In this workshop our facilitators will help you explore the concepts of Above the Line and Below the line Female Leadership Attributes.

As a way to support women own their careers, define their own success and get ahead on their terms. This workshop will help unblock areas where you may be feeling stuck. What is toxic femininity and how does it get in our own way?

Through real life leadership scenarios, female leaders will be able to explore their own default reactions and behaviors. This is the workshop where you get to hear the hard truth about what’s holding you back. We will cover some important concepts for working women that will help you shift the way you show up in the world and help you progress forward. If you don’t create your reality, someone else will.

Female Leadership Mastery Trainings: Lead like a Woman

Introducing the Ground Breaking Feminine Leadership Model!

In this full day workshop you will learn about the new skills for female leaders that create impact, build credibility and place you as an influencer.

New Age Skills for powerful leaders such as Intuition, Trust, Self-Authorship and others.

  • How to navigate Influence and politics within your organization
  • Emotional and Social Intelligence
  • How to create coalitions and progress in your career
  • Ownership and Responsibility
  • How to stop operating from fear and scarcity and step into being of service

Our management skills training for new managers Includes


The ability to set aside ego, personal agendas and perceived restrictions to explore possibilities from all angles; seeking and focusing on the most effective solution to the problem or goal.


The desire to bring value and be a contributor; basic enjoyment of the enterprise; focus on assets and strengths rather than limitations and detriments.

Leadership Skills

Having effective tools to manage things such as time, energy, money and communication. Plus, the organizational skills to make it all happen.


Staying the course even through hard times. Having the ability to remain committed and believe in oneself and one’s business, regardless of the circumstances.

Relationship Building

Giving up doing it all alone. Having the ability to create alliances that will mentor, support and grow the enterprise.


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