Offsite Retreats

Leadership Retreat for Exec Teams

Is your leadership team acting as a true “team” or “representatives of their own organization”?

  • Do you have conflicting priorities across silos?
  • Is everyone working crazy hours but not delivering more value?
  • Is your organization slow to respond to market opportunities and threats?

We introduce processes that unearth dysfunction and help you rumble with them. In this full day training we will facilitate 3 working sessions that will help your leadership team with real business struggles. You will use your actual delivery information to walk away with shared outcomes, clearly identified priorities, understanding of your capacity and mutually agreed upon roles, responsibilities and action steps. Your team will bring actual delivery information to build your strategy and action plan.

Culture 101 – Full day Team Building Day – Create an Unstoppable Team

Mission, Vision, Values and how to operationalize them. Emotional Intelligence. Leadership Skills and Impact.

When employees are clear on what their own personal values are and those same values can be honored in the workplace, it becomes incredibly, intrinsically motivating for them. Quite often leaders are put in a position where they need to motivate their direct reports by pushing them externally via accountability, performance reviews, salary increase and consequences. However, when those direct reports have clarity and are supported by their leaders, they become an unstoppable team.

  • To help employees recognize their personal values and strengths and develop the capacity to be effective in a wide range of circumstances and environments
  • Identify and break through self-perceived limits, thereby moving into an arena of extraordinary performance
  • Perceive and build on the strengths inherent in others to create powerful alliances and achieve mutual goals – team building
  • Awareness of employee’s impact on others; learn to create their desired impact and begin to take responsibility for that impression
Custom Workshops

We can customize a workshop based on your timeframe and needs.