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Vision Development

Before we can train your people in any skill, we must ensure you are clear on your Mission, Vision, Values and how to operationalize them into specific observable and teachable behaviors. This way everyone is clear why you hire and promote or let go of talent.

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Diversity & InclusionPerformance Management

Vision starts with the leadership team, which is why we offer our VIP retreat days to bring your team together to align on shared objectives and values.

Each session is two hours or can be combined in a two day offsite retreat for the executive team.

All our sessions are offered virtual or in person and include anonymous voting and brainstorming, which invites honesty and safe collaboration, preventing power dynamics from getting in the way.

Strategic Sessions Offered Virtually & On-Site

Clarity on Mission and Vision

Core Values and Specific Behaviors Identification

Collective Company Wide Alignment on Objectives and Priorities

Clear Team Agreements and Accountability

Org Chart Creation

Choose The Format That Works For You


Engaging and interactive sessions where participants get to practice newly learned skills in small breakout rooms with real-time feedback and homework implementation assignments.

Each session is two hours: One hour of learning and an hour of practice. Limited to 30 employees.


We offer morning and afternoon sessions with live instructors onsite for increased engagement and skill implementation. Full day allows for two skills. Up to 30 employees per session.


Allows us to teach new skills, share templates and best practices on specific experiences. Up to 100 employees.


Includes a practice lab and on-demand access to our coaches and trainers through Slack channels.

Provides new promotes and leads access to a global community of managers. Subscription based. Cancel anytime or re-engage on demand.

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