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How to Have Effective Growth Conversation to Retain Your Best Talent!

About this class: 

Turnover is a killer for any business, so training your people leaders on how to have effective growth conversations to engage and retain top talent is key.  

Did you know that the cost of hiring a new employee is around 20-30% of their annual salary and another 30-50% to train and onboard a new employee?

The Pew Research Center study found that low pay wasn’t the number one reason employees quit- it was actually tied to a lack of opportunities to advance and a lack of career growth and development.

Strained relationships with management were another reason identified by a Gallup report “One in two employees have left a job to get away from a manager and improve their overall life at some point in their career”

In this class, we will: 

  • Identify what motivates different people and how to engage them individually 
  • Discuss how to tap into that motivation and empower your people to own their careers and multiply their happiness at work
  • Learn specific tools to help your employees identify their own strengths, gaps, and goals

How cool would it be to be remembered as a leader who saw the potential in people before they saw it in themselves? Or be able to uncover limiting beliefs and set your team members on a trajectory that will amplify their careers 10X?

More info:


Business owners, managers and supervisors


November 16, 2023, 12:00-01:00 pm PST


60 minutes



Team discount:

10% when signing up 5 people

Recording will be provided

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About your trainer: 

Anya Soto is an Organizational Development Expert with a proven ability to develop and implement training strategies as well as organizational change initiatives.

She has designed and delivered custom solutions to clients like Rockefeller Foundation and Stanford University to help increase talent retention and engagement.

Having lived in three countries and experienced the life of a cultural “outsider,” she is passionate about diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) and is always focused on providing people leaders with the tools they need to create truly inclusive and agile teams.

Anya is the founder of Culture Crafters, a network of performance consultants, professional coaches, facilitators and instructional designers that help organizations to develop and implement customized training strategies and change initiatives. Culture Crafters are your partners in finding solutions to decrease turnover, increase engagement, psychological safety and profitability as a result. No client is the same, so we pride ourselves in creating custom solutions.